Basics of Thetahealing

In the “Basic DNA” course you will learn the basis of Thetahealing, which are:

  • Identifying and changing beliefs, emotions and hindering patterns, leading to a new reality in your life;
  • Unblocking energetic blocks that prevent you from progressing personally and spiritually;
  • Getting access to your own life’s purpose and manifesting it in the physical world;
  • Conducting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healings by accessing the Theta brainwave frequency and through the direct connection with the Creator;
  • To become complete, living accordingly to your highest potential;
  • Conscientiously using your intuition in every situation of your daily life;
  • Applying Thetahealing on yourself and others;
  • Activating the youth and vitality DNA and chromosome;

Advanced Thetahealing Course – 3 days’ duration

In this course you deepen what you have learned in the Basics Course and also:

  • Learn how to clear negative thoughts and feelings, such as: anger, revenge, resentments, regrets, grudges, aggressiveness, jealousy, envy and bitterness;
  • Activate in your system the fundamental feelings which allow for the quantum leap, through more than 500 downloads;
  • Cleanse rejection, resentment and regret programs;
  • Cleanse fears and traumas;
  • Cleanse pacts and vows, which prevent you from freely accessing the plans of existence;
  • Deepen the comprehension and access to the energy of each one of the seven plans of existence;
  • Heal broken souls and hearts;
  • Connect with your ancestors;
  • Connect yourself with the superior Being;
  • And another specific tools which will greatly enhance the technique;

Pre-Requisites: Basic DNA

All courses are certified.

Thetahealing Course – Manifestation and Abundance – 2 days’ duration

Objective: Manifest abundance in every aspect of your life

With this course you will be able to:

  • Identify and release your deepest blocks that stand between your current self and the person you wish to be. For this to happen, it is required to clearly understand what is important in your life, what are your dreams and if they are really a part of your true mission;
  • Cleanse more than one hundred beliefs which prevent you from achieving abundance in every part of your life;
  • Learn more than ten tools that will enhance the accomplishment of this abundance;

Pre-Requisite: Basic DNA + Advanced DNA

Thetahealing Course – Dip Digging – 2 days’ duration

Discover the power of “digging”

This course introduces several practices, tips and shortcuts that were specially developed to deepen even further your belief development. It also brings the clarity and confidence to be able to directly reach the root belief as well as the notion that Thetahealing is a simple, fast and effective technique.

Pre-requisite: Basic DNA + Advanced DNA

Thetahealing Course – Intuitive Anatomy – 15 days’ duration

Intuitive Anatomy – One of the most powerful courses of Thetahealing

This is a transformative and very intensive course, in which you will:

  • Work on every system of the human body, ranging from organs, muscles, bones, glans to its functioning as a whole, as well as on beliefs and emotions associated with each one of those systems.
  • Completely open your mind to discover and display your true mission in life;

This course is meant for those who wish to improve in the art of healing, using Thetahealing. According to Vianna Stibal, the founder of the technique, this is the most transformative course of Thetahealing.

Pre-requisite: Basic DNA + Advanced DNA + Dip Digging

Thetahealing Course – Rainbow Children

Objective: Connect yourself with your inner child.

This course teaches the Thetahealing technique to children over 7 years old, developing their intuition and psychic abilities. The rainbow children are sensitive and highly intuitive children. They are born possessing an Infinite wisdom and ability to shape their surrounding world.

In this course, children will learn:

  • To create positive feelings;
  • To work on their beliefs;
  • To get access to the plans of existence;
  • To learn to move objects using their thoughts (telekinesis);
  • To send and receive information using their thoughts (telepathy);
  • To get access to their spiritual, elemental and totemic animals, guides and masters;

This course is taught to children from 7 to 21 years old. It can also be taught to Thetahealing practitioners who may want to reconnect themselves with their inner child and to develop their psychic abilities.

Variable duration (Needs consultation)

Pre-requisite: None

Thetahealing Course – World Relation

Objective: Learn how to love and respect differences

The course World Relations works deeply on our beliefs stemming from a racial, cultural or religious nature, which mainly are ancestral matters which we bring along on our DNA. (Significado)

During this course, we will “cleanse” the negative programs of our ancestors, liberating traumas, blockages and deep pre-conceptions of our ascending and descending lineage. Those who took this course were surprised with the amount of negative thoughts, feelings and emotions that were brought to light during their belief development.

This course is a powerful tool for the removal of internal and external conflicts, thus promoting world peace.

Intensive Course – 5 days’ duration

Pre-requisite: Intuitive Anatomy

Thetahealing Course – Game of Life – 3 days’ duration

Objective: To become victorious in your life

This course was developed so that, one day, you can be victorious in your life.

During this course, you will learn to:

  • Identify and eliminate beliefs from a new perspective;
  • Develop strategies, plan and accomplish your dreams through effective tools;
  • Amplify your potential for the great quantum leap;
  • Be ready to accomplish everything you have dreamed of;
  • Be ready to handle and manage your success;

Duration: 3 days

Thetahealing Course – DNA 3 – 5 days’ duration

When the impossible becomes possible.

This course will teach you to:

  • Work on an atomic level, expanding molecules, changing DNA inside the mitochondria and achieving immediate healings;
  • Align the body’s molecules;
  • Learn telekinesis by working with magnetic force fields;
  • Learn bilocation;
  • Instantly manifest with the power of words and thoughts;
  • Work with the forces of nature and climate conditions acting on healing the planet;

Thetahealing Course – Sicknesses and Disorders – 10 days duration

Objective: Amplify your healing potential

This course will teach you:

  • How to detect and work on the system of beliefs associated with each sickness;
  • How to treat more than 100 diseases and disorders, through supplements, herbs and by developing your beliefs;
  • Detect what may be hindering your ability to heal certain sicknesses in yourself and others;
  • Eliminate genetic predisposition to certain diseases;
  • Promote the body’s well-being and the proper functioning of the organs of every body’s system.