Here I present a variety of solutions derived from very old medicines, such as Amazonian and Incan medicine, which also belong to my scope of therapeutic specializations. All of the therapies presented below are capable of being performed through the participation in retreats.

The dates of retreats soon to take place will be made available in my SCHEDULE so that you can enroll.

Afterwards, in accordance with your interest, at the retreat all the solutions presented below will be available.

This is due to a propitious environment being necessary for this medicine to be put in practice, for the associated rituals to be conducted and for the accompaniment of the responsible therapist – myself.

1) Amazonian Medicines

The natural richness of the Amazon rainforest is known and cherished worldwide. With one of the most fertile soils on the planet, the Amazon is the cradle of countless plants possessing medicinal properties highly useful for the treatment and prevention of many health issues.

Get to Know some of the Amazonian medicines and medicinal plants and their benefits for the human being.

Kambô Vaccine

My journey has been very dynamic, with me always ensuring that comfort does not take away from me the possibility of getting to know and live different experiences that not only enrich me as a therapist but, above all, that help me serve you better.

In the last course I did in Peru, I became capable of administrating a VACCINE that strengthens our IMMUNE SYSTEM.

It is a NATURAL treatment which uses the secretion of an arboreal frog which inhabits the northwestern part of the Amazon rainforest, having been used for years by indigenous people.

From its name KAMBÔ, it is one of the strongest natural means to boost the immune system.

In addition to strengthening our immune system, it is 4.000 times more potent than morphine and 40 times more potent than endogenous type B endorphins.

The Kambô treatment has short and long term effects. In the short term, the effects are a state of alertness, good mood, increased resistance to fatigue, the ability to focus and concentrate and a mental clarity that can last for several days or weeks more easily.

In the long term, Kambô empowers the immune system, overcomes fatigue and improves your health state.

With Kambô, we are allowed the opportunity to awaken our body to its full natural potential to protect, strength and heal itself.

Those who regularly receive this “vaccine” do not get sick and are full of energy.

Restoring the natural balance prevents the appearance of diseases induced by different viruses, quite possibly such as the one induced by the new COVID-19 virus, due to the strengthening of our immune system.

In the case of serious diseases, additives or toxins accumulated due to medications, it can be helpful to receive double the treatment over a period of time.

This way, the cleansing effects of the Kambô treatment will increase one after the other and will last longer.

What Kambô is unable to do is to eliminate the root of our emotional blocks resulting from traumatic experiences. You can feel relieved by vomiting the yellow bile however, the root of the problem will still remain.

Talk with me and we will verify if this vaccine can be the solution for your problem.

Saint Peter’s Medicine – Peyote

Peyote (Lophophora wiliamsii) is a plant that allows the eyes to admire, as described by a French author.

It is estimated that its use dates back to more than 3000 years, since it was used as a symbol by Tarahumara, in the peyote ceremony – the ritual appears in sculptures preserved in volcanic rocks dating back to that period.

The more common name “Peyote” comes from the word “Nahuatl”.

The Peyote plant is rich in alkaloids. Up until now, more than 50 have been isolated, including: Peyotine, anhaline, anhaloidine, anhalinine, anhalonine, lofoforine and, most the most important among them, mescaline.

San Pedro (Trichocereus pachanoi) is a columnar cactus which can grow enormously. It is found in Mexico, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru, being used in the latter two countries in shamanic rituals.

It is believed that the name refers to San Pedro – entheogenic cactus properties, because it is the so-called Christian Spirit that keeps the keys of heaven. In Central America, San Pedro also receives the names of “aguacollay” or “gigante” (giant).

San Pedro is a columnar cactus whose growth is incredibly fast, being capable of exceeding one meter of height in a period of just one year, with 12 centimeters increases in diameter. The pure mescaline extracted from it resembles small white crystals, having a bitter taste.

Rapé Medicine

The use of rapé is ancient, being present in many several places and times in history. During the colonization of Brazil, the indigenous people and “pajés” of the forest already used rapé as medicine and for its spiritual power, in the tribes’ ceremonies. Many Europeans who came to Brazil at that time tried rapé.

Until today, the “pajé” use rapé before entering the forest so that they can harmonize themselves with the beings living there. Differently, the Amerindian” use it as a way of connecting their spirit with the spirit world. “To Pass Rapé” is the term used during the shamanic ritual, with the substance always being present in the pajé rituals of the Amerindians of the Amazonian region, especially those living in Acre.

Rapé is a fine powder which, when inhaled through the means of smoke or a blowing cloud, envelops the environment. The Amerindians believe that the aspiration of this smoke means absorbing the energy of the spirits that accompany the pajé, their ancestry and the spiritual beings that inhabit the forest. After aspiring, a dynamic between the Amerindian with the present spiritual energy takes place.

The passage of rapé by the pajé in his tribe means that he is sending his good energy – the healing energy. The smoke that comes from the rapé inhaler, by blowing the fine powder, promotes a “dance of energies”.

Rapé is made of tobacco, other herbs and tree ashes. Once ground and mixed, it is transformed into a fine and aromatic powder. It is aspirated or blown through the nostrils. Shamanic tobacco is not industrialized, originating and being harvested in the forest, from plants with extremely powerful healing properties, all of which in their original state and holding their natural potence.

Amazonian recipes present different herbs besides tobacco in its composition, such as copaiba bark, cherry bark (cumaru), (Miconia albicans (canela-de-velho), sunum (pau-pereira), among other ashes originating from other also medicinal tree barks.

Considered to be a powerful plant, this smoke with the purpose of being inhaled holds benefits in combating sinusitis and migraines. The quality of the compositions of the ingredients used in its preparation is of extreme importance for the custom of consuming rapé.

Sananga, the Amazonian’s Rainforest eye drops

The eyes are the windows through which everything is seen and projected and where everything is kept, including our history. The spirit of sananga heals by expelling all evils from the soul and matter.

The spirit of sananga or shanovo (forest spirit) has as its medical process the refinement of the spiritual vision. As a result, sananga lets us to visualize the truth surrounding us, without being limited by our personal blindness, allowing for the visualization and contemplation of the beauty that exists around us.

It is possible to have an indirect and helpful relationship with sananga when it comes to some psychosomatic diseases, since the eyes are our windows to the world. To see our enemy with our own eyes, helps in our daily struggle.

Hence, this natural medicine helps in the perception of what happens around us, bringing harmony and a consequent spiritual, emotional and physical fulfillment.

The tradition of the using sananga consisted in the Amerindians dropping a drop or two in each eye before going hunting. They believed the substance sharpened their perception, facilitating their subtle movements within the dense forest. As a consequence, this allowed them to distinguish their hunt more easily. Besides emphasizing visual textures, depth and colors, sananga also helps the hunter’s instinct during the search for preys within the forest.

The sananga’s eye drop are obtained by extracting a juice from the bush-shaped plant called Tabernaemontana Sananho. One of the active principles found in it is Ibogaine. To prepare the eye drops, the roots of the bush are beaten with clean drinking water, which leads to the extraction of the plant’s active principle.

Ibogaine causes a psychoactive experience, which can lead some people to a state of trance and/or to have quick visions, called mirages by some Ayuhascan traditions. After its application, a burning sensation ensues that lasts a maximum of 3 minutes depending on the clinical condition of the patient and on how frequently the drops are used by the individual. The sananga’s experience is reported as a very special moment. After the burning sensation, a feeling of plenitude takes over. It is as if the individual was completely inserted in a timeless moment, where nothing else matters.

Some tribes of the nawas ethnicity use sananga to remove the so called panea. Panea is represented by a form of accumulated negative energy that we carry, normally associated to the gastric juice of the stomach, which leads to the accumulation of all types of bacteria and diseases. This accumulation is caused by medicines, toxic substances found in foods not natural such as those from the forest and by the ingestion of meat (which leads to the putrefaction of the digestive and excretory system).

Spiritually and energetically, sananga helps to clean the eye canal and contributes to the fluidity of perception in the ajna chakra (third eye or inner vision). That is, it increases the spiritual and sensitive perception and vision. In people with developed mediumistic sensitivity, there is evidence of the expansion of the auric field taking place. In addition to helping meditation and introspection processes, Ibogaine also helps in the treatment of chronic pains and is known as a strong aphrodisiac stimulant.

Scientific studies demonstrate the efficacy in the application of sananga, especially when it comes to bacterial diseases existing in the eyes.

Its application helps in the treatment or prevention of conjunctivitis, stye, eye irritations, cataracts, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, amblyopia, dry eye, photophobia, glaucoma, keratoconus, headaches, sinusitis-derived phlegm and rhinitis. Our vision becomes ore precise, clear and sharp after application.

Despite its contribution, sananga does not promote the cure of physical problems existing in the eyes.

It is important to mention that its use is not advised after eye surgeries or in the case of pre-existing physical eye injuries.

The practice of using sananga is recommended to be conducted with the guidance of a shaman. Contact me to clarify any doubts.


Ayahuasca, a Quechua name of Inca origin, refers to a sacramental drink produced from the decoction of two plants native to the Amazon rainforest: the cipó Banisteriopsis caapi (mariri or jugube) with the leaves of the Psychotria viridis shrub (chacrona).

From the middle of the previous century onwards, its use expanded all throughout South America and other parts of the world with the growth of organized spiritual movements, the most significant among them being “Santo Daime”,“União do Vegetal” and “Barquinha”. Such spiritual movements, along with dissidents that came from within them, and independent groups, use it in their rituals, according to varied beliefs and teachings, always keeping in mind the principle of the conscience expansion.

It is also known by the names: the tea, the vine, la purge, yage, daime, nixi, hoasca, natem, among others. Its most well name, ayahuasca, means liana (cipó) of the soul.

Although commonly defined as a tea or decoction, ayahuasca is a concentrate, a reduction of the boiling which results in a brown liquid with a very strong taste, which is normally acidified. Its compound is performed during special rituals and then stored.

About 15 minutes after its ingestion, a phyco-physiological process characterized by a change in sensory perception begins, caused by an increase in neurotransmitters.

The brain waves elevate themselves resulting on a feeling of relaxation, the sharpening of the senses and the amplification of the cognitive process.

When combined with songs, messages and prayers, a sort of paranormal sixth sense naturally arises, just like a meditation, intensifying mental clarity, creative processes, memories, visions and dream experiences.

Some reactions of physiological discomfort may naturally and are desirable, being called “purges”.

It is a natural process of cleansing and rebalancing, which should not be feared or avoided. Let it flow naturally and, if necessary, contribute with tranquility so that your body can expel your bad energies through intestinal cleansing, vomiting or crying. Nature is wise – do not resist.

Normally the most intense effects are experiences for a maximum of 2 or 3 hours, after which a natural state of relaxation and completeness remains that can last for a few days.

It is right to give the terminology of substances which alter metabolism to substances such as coffee, sugar, among others. However, in its social or biochemical sense, we normally associate the word “drug” as a destructive or disruptive substance, that leads to physical or psychological dependence. In this sense, ayahuasca is not a drug!

Its use definitely does not cause any type of dependence and, over the years, through personal experiences and through research, it has been proven that it does not cause any harmful side effects to the body. On the contrary, its medicinal or therapeutic use is ever more investigated.

For some researchers, classifying ayahuasca as an “hallucinogenic” is inaccurate, as it does not cause to completely lose touch with reality – as the term implies – but rather provides with an increased degree of perception, which allows to understand reality with greater clarity or transcendence.

Researchers in the area of ethnobotany have proposed classifying ayahuasca as an “entheogen”, that is, a substance “capable of generating the experience of contacting with the divine”, causing a generalized feeling of closeness with the sacred. This promotes the knowledge about one’s self as well as the improvement of the individual as a human being, with countless cases of family, professional, social, moral, ethical, intellectual and spiritual restructuring having been recorded.

If you identify yourself with any of these concerns or matters, contact me and we will check if this is what is right for you.

2) Inca Medicine

The Incas were responsible for making many pharmaceutical discoveries. Inca medicine did not just try to simply treat the symptoms of diseases but went further to also question the root cause of them, thus unifying both the biological and psychological data of each person.

The Inca culture practiced medicine traditionally based in the use of medicinal plants, and such as through ways of magic rituals or energetic sessions related with the religious side. Hence, those who exercised it were different from herbalists (hampa-camayoc), healers (sancoyoc) or shamans (macsa or sayac), who treated symptoms and especially the causes of a disease through body and spiritual cleanses. The rituals used to include a large part of the community, which danced and sang for hours, or even days, to reach the cure.

Get to know some of the Inca medicines and their associated benefits.

Benefits of Inca healing medicine: The Q’ero (Inca) Shamans live in the Andes at 17.000 feet, east of Cusco, Peru.

Inca Healing Medicine is a great way of learning more about what is going on in your life.

Inca healing on Mother Earth (Pachamama), the nature, the stars and work to support you, open your heart, clean your body and aura, open your inner vision, clean old DNA patterns of diseases and build your energetic field.

The Inca medicine nourishes the seed of light within one’s self, allowing it to sprout and flourish.

The Q’ero shaman (paqos) explains that the seed of light was planted in your heart and soul when you came to Earth. It is connected with our inner Child and, therefore, is known as the Inca Seed. For many people, the seed remains dormant until it is given attention, activated and nourished. An important characteristic of the healing medicine of the Inca Shamanism is to bring one’s self back to oneself.

In other words, Inca medicine provides the support and nourishment for the reconnection with your purpose in the world, in the highest and purest level, as well to taste the sweetness of life.

Application of Inca Healing Medicine. Inca healing is all about Inca healing.

Those words and definition are as follows:

Ayni is defined as the sacred reciprocity to bring balance back into a relationship with Mother Earth and with each living being.

In Quechua, Munay means love and energetic power.

Sami means pure light energy and protection of your aura.

Sofia Matos was trained by the Peruvian Association of Shamans (Female Shaman, Person of Medicine and Healer of the Andes Mountains of Peru.

It is a life journey to practice this. When they are together, they are communicating with one another energetically, just like they do when they are apart.

The “paqos” also make up a part of our spiritual lineage and come to our aid in dreams, visions and during the healing, along with other ancestral “paqos” and spirits of nature that are our allies.

Angels, medicinal spirits, stones and many other helpers in nature (Mother Earth, the mountains, the rivers, the trees, plants, stars, angels, medicinal spirits, stones and many other helpers in the heaven and earth realms). During the healing ceremonies to be shared with others. Over time, we establish and reinforce our energetic matrix of relations centered in our heart with our spiritual allies and in our own sacred tools (like our khuyas, platôs and our auric fields) with honorable respect and reciprocity.

The orientation necessary for each person and situation.


Inca Energetic Cleansing

Spiritual cleansing or negative energies are the cause and effect that attract several health issues, such as diseases caused by negative thoughts and emotions, traumatic childhood experiences, conflicting relationships, among others.

We should be concerned about cleansing the body and aura of bad energies.

Matter, which is energy that expresses the universe, is formed by the world of positive and negative spiritual energy, also represented by the powers of energy of divine light and darkness.

We live in hard times full of violence and social problems. The cleansing of dirty energy is important for the energy that continuously vibrates to remain positive, which will determine if the physical, intellectual and energetic systems will be activated correctly.

The negative energy overloads coming from varied sources are dispersed in the environment and we constantly absorb them in all circumstances. Stress, economic problems, family, health, love, emotional and psychological difficulties or negative memories that arise in life, in social crisis and in different factors influence health.

It is necessary and indispensable to unblock one’s energy to make the spirit strong, allowing for positive energy and a healthy mind. The purification of negative energies is a ritual of psychic defense, it being a super-efficient tool to remove from yourself or your house the negative vibrations or sensations that accumulate in your personal space.

This type of energy is the root soul of feelings such as anxiety, anger, discontentment, melancholy, sadness, emotional dissatisfaction, violence, failure, among others.

The cleanse of negative energies can be complemented with an Ayahuasca ceremony and therapy, which is the ideal complement for this ceremony, when you cleanse and eliminate the toxins of witchcraft and release yourself from negative spiritual energies, allowing for a more complete spiritual healing.

Since this type of needs is very intuitive, people can feel and have the perception of needing to heal their home or workplace, with the body desiring to leave something being, which prevents us from being happy.

Negative energies are more perceptible than positive energies.

Our environment’s energy has an influence on people themselves and those who around are around us, when we are healing. The latter also influences back the space’s energy, transmuting it into positive energy. With this help, we lessen many evils and the burden that prevents us from being happy.

How to recognize with we are facing negative energies:

When there are problems, confrontations, counterarguments, fights, dull revulsion in our environment.

When rejections or extreme tiredness are felt.

When we are constantly blocked and without strength to continue forward.

When most of the things we do go wrong.

When we are constantly without energy, blocked in relationships and relationships are problematic are very frequently.

When our plants get sick despite being properly taken care of.

Types of Cleansing:

  • Of the negative energetic spirit,
  • Of auras of misery,
  • Purification of energies,
  • Spiritual,
  • And of energy.

When cleansing of negative energy, we start with breathing, meditation and constant work. These take place while Shaman Sofia does the work with incense smoke and other secrets to be able to release and remove negative energy, while feeling the energy of our energy animals.

The condor plumes serve to liberate ourselves from all that is negative and to invoke our Apus, so that Pachamama can expel the bad energy. This allows the positive energy to enter our being, making it stronger and letting it to rediscover itself.

Mother Earth will give us harmony, calmness, the love and peacefulness we need. The objective is to create the rising spiritual mantle which purifies, cleanses the air and expels the negative energy present in our environment.

Meditation allows for the desire of cleansing the body and soul and liberation of all that is negative. The cleansing concludes a complete analysis and helps extract all evil energy from your body. A myriad of elements is used in the aura cleansing ceremony and shamanic dispatches are used for this effect.


Reading of the Coca Leaves Oracles

Through the reading of Coca or Oracles in the form of leaves it is said to be possible to predict the future and interpret the destiny.

The Incas consulted and guided hell through the reading of coca leaves. Currently, we use it to make diagnosis of your general personal condition.

Through this way we identify your problems and help provide a practical and intelligent solution; it is very useful before every situation. The Shaman is a channel able to communicate with the astral or divine world through coca leaves.

This ancestral practice allows you to find the answers to your questions; some people consult about luck, love, health, work, family, spirituality, among others.

The Readings or Oracles are made by specialized Shamans. The Andean priests connect themselves with the spirit (sacred mother) or alma mater of the divine plant. Priests communicate through a mysterious power in a conscious state. This practice once was performed ancestrally by the first cultures of South America, which preceded the Inca culture. Master Sofia Matos is specialized in the reading of coca leaves.

Through the Reading of Coca and Oracles in the form of leaves you can quench your uncertainties. Reading the coca leaves certainly applies to the line of destiny and allows to clarify uncertainties. The Shaman obtains manifestations through the shape, size, position and distance of the coca leaves, this is knowledge being inherited from the Inca ancestors, which have perfected it through their Shamans.

It does not matter where I am since I do readings using the phone, using WhatsApp through a video call. Through this way, the Shaman is allowed to answer your questions.

I only ask for us to focus and resort to the Shaman and the Coca leaves, which will be interpreted, allowing for each consultation to be as helpful as it can be.

The reading of Coca leaves is done in five essential areas of human life: health, family, work, spiritually and love. The Shaman will develop the reading in each area in succession, ask you questions and answer all the questions you may ask. The coca leaves added to the connection the Shaman makes with the subtle natural energies make it possible to know your current state and after to discover the best options to solve problems and plan your future life.


Ritual to change or attract the real LOVE

The ritual of love is a special office of Infinite power offered to the spiritual gods through the Shaman. We offer our hearts to the Universe and to Pachamama to attract real love in our lives. The ceremony of love purifies our whole past as well as our karma residues of this and previous lives. The ceremony is magical because it helps to channel and allows to attract, through the guided energy that determines the desired purpose.

This ritual is targeted towards people who have not found or have been unlucky in the search for their ideal partner or to find the love of their life.

Love is the greatest and most wonderful thing, whose dominant force is capable of changing all purposes of the world. There are no borders or limits for it. In the love ritual, the Master Shaman links our pure essence of love to the infinite love of the celestial world, allowing to attract to our lives the energy called “soul mate or unconditional love” that can be anywhere in the world.

Through our shamanic techniques, we help to improve, unify and strengthen the cohesiveness of the couple’s relationship, in couples that suffer from countless problems of instability, anxiety and depression in their common life. We purify by attracting positive energies and luck in love. So, this makes us not suffer from disappointments or difficult separations.

We make a spiritual connection with Pachamama and the universe, opening ourselves to a total change into a new world, letting the sun shine within us.

The ritual for love is an office of infinite power, of soul mate attraction or unconditional love, of change of luck for love and of couple’s family unification.

We rebuild relationships in marriages or couples that are in a poor state, expelling misery, negative feelings from our being, arguments, traumas, obstacles and fear. This allows us not to fill ourselves with negative thoughts capable of destroying the life you wish to maintain, whose essence is made up of our feelings or our inner love.

It is the time to let the sun hidden within your heart to shine, opening your heart, putting aside the reason for not making mistakes in love and, most importantly, it is time to love yourself and reciprocate.


Flowering baths, life changing, spiritual rebirth

What is important to flourish your life is a connection with heaven and earth. The Shaman does his/her job channel a higher energy. The participant helps to attract luck and all positive vibrations and intentions (the law of attraction).

We will attract everything we want in our lives. It is also called the ritual of purification and renewal of positive energies (love, money, health, work, among others). Other people call it ritual of love and luck, among other names. There are also different forms of Flowering Baths that the Shaman does according to the needs of each participant.

Flowering Baths for luck, renewing of positive energies. Ritual of the flourishing law of attraction of infinite power to the spiritual gods.

The Flowering Bath renews yourself and makes you shine; this ceremony is designed to provide energy to the person, making you shine, stand out and flourish, connecting you in the background with the energy of Pachamama (Mother Earth).

To perform this ceremony, the participant must first perform the Negative Energy Cleansing, otherwise the Flowering Bath will not work. This ceremony is conducted with flowers, rosemary, rough grass, retama, also known as the three Rs: roses or flowers that represent liberation, blooming, renewal and change.

The frankincense is important in this ceremony because it relaxes us and transports us to another level of our lives in which everything is possible and absolute. The water ritual represents the purification of the body and birth. We can not also forget the most important essence, flowered water, so that we can have everything complete for our flower bath or Andean rebirth.

With the Flowering Baths we seek the spiritual balance that heals based on medicinal plants and flowers that our Mother Earth (Pachamama) gives us.

What not to do/eat before the Flowering Bath:

*Do not drink alcoholic drinks before the ceremony.

*Avoid applying chemical products on your body before and after the ceremony (lotions, perfumes, creams, among others)


Offering to Pachamama

Offering retribution to Mother Earth, spiritual gratitude and connection with coca leaves.

The Offering to Pachamama (Mother Earth) according to our worldview is an ancient Inca wisdom or cult.

Pachamama, which means goddess of earth/land and of our culture, gives us everything we need. She gives us her energy, protects, takes care of, feed and feeds us. Her love is enormous and unconditional, with she having a reciprocal phase in which she receives us.

Pachamama is not only pure earth, it is energy, life and the holy spirit. We show our gratitude for everything we receive or currently have, we respect, love and value her, consecrating her existence by thanking her through ceremonies. We are her children and, in the end, we return once again to her in dirt and dust.

The Offering to Pachamama or Mother Earth is the most important in the world, known as the “earth payment ceremony”. It is also referred in Quechua as AYNI or gratitude to our Mother Earth, that gives us life and the air we breathe. The Offering to Pachama is considered as important as an ayuhuasca ceremony.

Therefore, we thank and give her strength to continue generating life in the world.

We connect us through the offering, praying for everything we receive, for the people in need, for the well-being of our family, work, love, health, happiness, spirituality and personal protection, among others.

The offerings to Pachamama are prepared by wise masters and the Shaman priestess, as children of light. They also cure unknown diseases and free the sick from all the damage and negative energy. All of these techniques belong to ancient and transcendental Inca wisdom that we were able to preserve, now being able to share them with you.

We have many secrets of wisdom and different forms of Inca ancestral ceremonies that accompany the techniques, especially the Ayahuasca ceremony and therapy. We apply each cure according to each person’s needs or problems. There are always many imbalances in our destiny. One way of harmonizing and balancing them is through the different Ceremonies, in which we thank and ask Mother Earth and Apus, in the sun and in the universe, through the coca leaves. Different elements and a great variety of food are used, each of them holding its own meaning and reason for existing.

Sofia Matos Priestess of Inca Shamanic techniques




The word “mesa” originates from the Spanish word “misa”, similar to the catholic ritual or the medicine containing khuyas and other totem objects of power used by shamans in healing ceremonies.

The mesa is used in the Andes and the coast, but not in the jungle. The Andean mesa is small. The sacred altar of healing that works in mediation with the spiritual and cosmic forces for the healing and ritual, both on an individual and collective level, a collection of sacred objects imbued with forces and energies that can be the catalyst for healing.

The mesa seems to reflect the mundi imago aboriginal that is very ancient. The anthropologists are just starting to understand the depths of this ancient point of view and its many varied manifestations. It has been used in Spanish historical records and throughout Peru, with the mesa being used to denote the spiritual food.

In the ritual space with ceremonial objects, in which the healer Shaman conducts his/her practices with this mesa, the Shaman establishes his/her mesa depending on the work to be conducted, using different objects and a Sacred dialogue.

In northern Peru, this also means the ritual that is performed with these sacred objects of power. Aymara Shamanism, small, squared stones. They have different uses, some of which are used as spiritual foundations.

The Spanish word “mesa” is derived from the Latin word “mesa”, which means table. More specifically, this table can refer to an altar table, a type of specific mesa, and to khuya, Cuya.

Chunpi kuyas, Khuyas Mullu – Is a type of mesa with a set of sacred stones, healing stones, usually with a round or square shaped, containing symbols. These were progressively sculpted with the give humps that are representations of the places of the universe, the father universe, the mother earth, stones of care with the energy of affection, firm unconditional and universal love, one of the tools of paq’o chunpi. These sacred stones that connect us directly to these energies and function as portals, are directly places over the body of the person or on a cloth that will be passed around the body. These stones will clean the physical and energetic field simultaneously, opening the human energy belts and working on all types of energies of diseases and illnesses.