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Today, when most people hear the word shamanism, they think of Native American cultures.

Shamanism is not just about indigenous spirituality. It is true that the indigenous people were largely responsible for keeping the flames of Medicine of the Earth accessible, but the practices originated in primitive man, in the Paleolithic.

The word has Siberian and non-American origins, and is used today as a unique way to describe practices around the world. In other words, the practices are universal, it is a legacy of the Spiritual World for Humanity, and therefore there can be no borders.

The word shamanism was created by anthropologists to define a set of ancestral beliefs. For me it is a path of knowledge. And we can see traces of shamanism in various religions.

The roots of shamanism are archaic, and some anthropologists even think that they go back almost as far as human consciousness itself. The origins of shamanism date from 40,000 to 50,000 years, in the Stone Age. Anthropologists have studied shamanism in North, Central and South America. Also in Africa, among the aboriginal peoples of Australia, Eskimos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Senegal, Patagonia, Siberia, Bali, Old England and around Europe, in Tibet where shamanism follows the line of Tibetan Buddhism, that is, almost everywhere in the world.

Currently, there is a rescue of the knowledge of shamanism in order to apply it in our daily lives, seeking to raise awareness and achieve balance again.

Thus, the VIP group of shamanism has as basic objectives: to reconnect the being with its inner wisdom, to present the connection with the multidimensionality of the human being, the anchoring of personal power, the connection with spiritual beings, to clean the physical and subtle bodies, clean and harmonize environments, full harmonization of being, awareness of the spiritual aspect of each one and their interrelation with nature, with the planet to which they belong, activation of the skills of courage, strength and wisdom to deal with general issues , healing and prevention of disorders and diseases, meditation practice, access to spiritual teachings, shamanic rituals, profound experiences in the comfort of your home.

The basic concept of shamanic healing is: “No one heals another. The cure is within each one ”. Wake up!

I, Sofia Matos, appeal to all human beings from all locations on this planet for the need to reconnect with the Creator, Mother Earth. To reconnect with love and wisdom, to change a conscious society, remember that we are all unique and that we are part of this whole. And yet, that together we managed to make our planet vibrate with love.

It will be a magical day a month, where we will meditate, connect with the Creator, learn to align our energy, and dive into our ancestral knowledge. Thus awakening our being and presence, which goes beyond matter.

Answer the call of the need to feel your being, your SELF!

Join us, and every month love and peace will vibrate and raise your vibration to contribute to the elevation of this world. Reconnect and awaken the best of yourself, always, and in this new era too.

Club VIP - Shamanism
€40 / Month
Reconnection with love and wisdom, with the Creator and Mother Earth
Monthly session (3h) with therapist Sofia Matos and other members of the VIP Club
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